Yoga-like Flexible

I was in the market for a new laptop and after a lot of research and testing about a month ago I purchased this Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 that was released in October.

The Yoga name comes from its ability to flip 360 degrees (this device goes from laptop to tablet in an instant).

I was specifically  looking for a tablet, PC combo.  I give brief presentations at various Wi-fi hotspots and wanted a laptop that would make that easy, professional, and impressive looking.  I also needed a fully-functional, fully-powered PC; which an iPad, Nexus 7, or other tablet cannot provide yet.   This Yoga is all that.

Next Man Up

This past week we had 6-7″ of snow drop from the heavens (local weathermen called it a blizzard) —  prompting most area employers to cancel work or have their employees tele-communute (which they are always happy to do).  My wife had planned to work from home the whole week of Christmas.  Right in the middle of that her company-issue laptop died.  However, since I had this new Yoga (and since she asked me nicely) she was able to work a full day on it. (She could run the full MS Office suite of tools — Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.).


For non-profit fundraising there is not a standard way of doing business that suits all ages.  Electronics salesmen can sell the same TV or cell phone to people of all ages and not have to change their message that much.  Non-profits have to stay on top of the latest technology and social media and communicate differently to their older generation (who still write most of the mission critical large checks) but they must keep the younger gerneration engaged so that they become major donors down the road.  They can’t alienate them now by tailoring everything to the more seasoned crowd.   Flexibility is crucial!

We also found in the tech startup businesses that being “nimble” was very often a huge differentiator.  Stay true to your core mission, but look to be instantly ready to adapt without having to plan ahead for it.





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