Partly Cloudy

SkyDrive might be the easiest to use tool ever.  You should give it a shot.  Trust the cloud.

Cloud storage is trendy.  A close friend who just bought her first iPhone for Christmas asked if she was trendy.  She’ll love her iPhone 5, but I told her iPhones are not trendy.  I said, “The Microsoft Surface, Chromebooks, and hybrid-tablet Ultrabooks are trendy (see my earlier blog about the Yoga).

But I should have also said cloud storage and SkyDrive are trendy!

SkyDrive website

SkyDrive is made by Microsoft.   On SkyDrive you can get up to 7 Gig free storage space.  That’s not exactly cavernous, but pretty generous.  Some newer ultra-thin laptops are coming with less hard drive space on them because there are already very solid ways of storing things just south of heaven.

SkyDrive can act as long term storage and quick temporary file transfer mechanism as well.

iCloud became popular first even though Microsoft had Windows Live in 2007 and now has re-branded it to SkyDrive.  iCloud is for Mac users only.  SkyDrive is equally beneficial regardless your computer of choice.  And SkyDrive is trendy despite being around that long.

It’s the ultimate in easy to store documents and images.  I even played music up there;  I was using SkyDrive to transfer a song from one machine (iMac) to another (Windows 8 laptop). [You may not need a flash drive again unless you go into the offline world.]

It’s so easy, that if you’d gone to SkyDrive before reading this blog you’d have it figured out already.  (But you do need a Windows sign-in.)

I wouldn’t be putting all my storage in the cloud, but at the same time, I wouldn’t only backup your computers on an external HD.  If both of those two go — you’re screwed as well.

Latest SkyDrive news from this week.

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