Top email Subject line of all time

Subject Matters

I received this email (below) this morning from World Vision.  It has my favorite Subject line of all time!  “Why goats love Cyber Monday.

Subject lines are huge when it comes to email marketing.  Every email that arrives in your inbox is going to get at least looked at based on either the From: name and/or the Subject line.  It may or may not get opened, right?  So your selection of a great Subject line is pretty important.  If your clients or followers are used to getting repetitiously great content, then the Subject line is not as important.

Even if you have a decent audience, however, like all of us, we have hundreds of emails to sort through and catchy Subject lines like this are great.

Going Mobile

I opened this email on my iPhone 4 and the email was also perfectly built for mobile-reading.  Increasingly, more and more email is read on our mobile devices.  In the U.S. now 35-40% of email is read on your phone (click to read report).

Matching Goats

While we’re talking about goats and since we’ve just been drop-kicked into the holiday buying season madness…

Buying something like a goat from World Vision is a great gift idea for your family or your staff.  A few years ago I purchased some goats for my staff and since we had a matching gift program at the office, those gifts were matched (I called them “matching goats”).  That ended up getting my staff inspired to reciprocate.  And others liked the idea  so much for their families — Haiti was literally crawling with goats by the end of it.


To see what Christmas is not supposed to be about:   “That’s what it’s about. That’s what it’s ALWAYS been ABOUT!  Gifts.  Gifts.  Gifts.”  The Grinchvideo clip


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