Third World Success


My wife Kitty and I have been privileged to sponsor some children in Haiti for the past 6 years and and our original sponsor child is the absolute image of success.

Franzy (left) was dropped off at an orphanage in Chambrun Haiti.  Chambrun is a village of about 5000 people with no electricity and no running water.  Food and clean water are in scarce supply.  We don’t know his exact age and we don’t know anything about his parents.

Nehemiah Vision Ministries (NVM) was established in 2005 by the Haiti national director of Campus Crusade (Pastor Esperandieu Pierre) who had witnessed a 14 year old girl breast-feeding in the streets of Chambrun and felt called to personally (along with his wife) change things there.  NVM established a campus only 15 minute walk (most travel is in walking) from Chambrun.   NVM provides a school, serves food, provides a health and dental clinic, as well as worship, services for the Haitians in the area. [follow NVM on Twitter]

As a sponsored child, Franzy was fed two meals a day at school and one at the orphanage.  With NVM’s assistance he’s been eating better than most of the villagers his orphanage is surrounded by.  And he’s learning English, which will likely bring him other advantages.

Two amazing things have happened recently with Franzy.  As you can see from the top photo, Franzy had a curvature of the legs since he came to the orphanage.  That is probably the reason he was left at the orphanage.   Yet, Franzy has had this same smile (all photos) on his face every time you see him.  Happiness, as you can see, doesn’t come from luxury.

After a few U.S. doctors thought he needed surgery, one doctor finally diagnosed Franzy with a “parasitic sacrum” which means he had a parasite in his lower back. They were able to start Franzy on some meds and his legs started and continue to straighten!

A second awesome story we have heard from people on campus is that Franzy has also preached (twice) during their form of “children’s church”.

Franzy’s story embodies a real-live image of success of what a lot of people are trying to do to help those who suffer due to the randomness of where they were born.  NVM was able to expose Franzy’s health situation to hundreds/thousands of people and dozens of doctors from around the globe.

Franzy (right) and friend cleaning off paint from my sunglasses inside the walls of the orphanage. A new children’s home on the NVM campus is nearly finished and Franzy will move there soon.

This week my new startup MissionKonnect was blessed to partner with Nehemiah Vision Ministries.  MissionKonnect will be sending email communications, email solicitations, design new child sponsorship pages, design online registrations for all mission trips, etc. for NVM.  We are grateful to know that we can be a part of lives being transformed — including Franzy’s.

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  1. Mark Thompson says:

    Great story Rick. This is the type of follow-up communication that our Sponsorship program needs. What a boost to our website a monthly story like this would have. Now with new help on site, it may be possible. We have much to talk about next week. I’m looking forward to it.

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