The Right Perspective?

In life we run into a lot of problems (I mean “challenges”).  Scripture tells us that we will face many trials and tribulations.  We could read that as – Caution: Big-time Hurdles Ahead!  But you can’t live life frozen in position waiting until you know what’s around the corner first.  That’s being timid.  And it also tells us we have not been given the spirit of timidity.

By the end of your life, we all have something pretty big that we are dealing with.  “Everyone has  something,” my wife likes to say.  We did an informal survey at church recently and overwhelmingly with 100o people in the auditorium, when asked to stand up based upon a litany of life’s major trials.  By the end of the list everyone was standing up.  Whoever you think has that really shiny exterior that seems to have it altogether, if they are even close to middle-age it’s almost guaranteed they have had to deal with some tougher situations than they would have ever imagined.   And they might be dealing with those now even with the cool exterior.

Guaranteed major life challenges might be doom-and-gloom for some, but it also says we are never given more than we can handle.  That is if we have that truth- foundation to cling upon.  The old adage about not sweating the small stuff really applies.  Whether your house sells or not, or your healthy child moves out of state, the dog dies, those aren’t really big problems…let me warn you.

You can self-select to see things positively.  In the struggling inner-city Mary Rigg Neighborhood and Shepherd Community Centers struggle with high school graduation rates but you could say they have “a 50% graduate rate” instead of “50% drop out”.  It’s still the same challenge.

This FedEx logo has some “power of positive thinking” built right into it.  Are you aware of it?  Maybe you’ve never noticed, but there’s an arrow buried right inside.  Subliminal messaging or just a positive confirmation?  If this is the first time you’ve been shown this, life will never be the same!

If you are starting a new email or social media program, or a whole new start-up business, you need to move bravely forward.

A wise former staff of mine gave a great farewell to his colleagues this week.  It was filled with his rare perspective in life because (1) he is grounded in truth and (2) he’s had a lot of experience the luxuries of the USA and the troubles in extreme poverty in Africa.  His final statement was this — “a smart decision is good, a smart decision based on truth is better, and a smart decision based on truth and dipped in wisdom is best. Be wise in your decision making.”  P. Travis

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