Data Services

We can handle your commonly asked for eTapestry database updates like National Change of Address (NCOA) processing.

Please contact us at to have us run your NCOA updates.

Our staff includes two former Directors within eTapestry Blackbaud.  We have experience going back to 2000 for performing data services on web-based SaaS applications.  We provide the style of extra pleasant customer service that defined our past experiences.

Other Services we provide:

Data Imports
> Importing your data files that you don’t have in eTapestry.
> Maybe eTapestry’s Advance Import module is too expensive & you only have a rare file to import.

> Full Database Exports

Mass Updating Services (Not handled within eTapestry)

> Mass Field Updates:

  • User Defined Fields
  • User Defined Values

Mass Adding Fields:

  • User Defined Fields
  • User Defined Values

> Mass Creation of Donation Pledge Information

> Mass Creation of Journal Entries

Data Appends

  • Email Appends
  • Phone Appends



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