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There’s a popular commercial going around now talking about “if you don’t have a website – people aren’t going to take you seriously.”  I would add that your web presence needs to be even more than just having a site. It’s too easy today to have a sophisticated looking site, so you’d better look sophisticated.  My sons and I recently went for a 4-wheeler desert adventure 15 mins outside of Palm Springs CA. The Off-Road Quads website is not going to impress anyone. And I think for tourist places like this the difference in website it going to normally be the differentiator.

However, sometimes social media can bail you out and help you overcome a bad web site.  Off-Road Quads’ Yelp page is better than their own site!

“Upon looking at their website, my friend and I joked that this was probably the most random place ever to go to. They didn’t really pick up the phone when we called them the day of but we decided to chance it and head over.

IT. WAS. AWESOME. Truly awesome. These guys who run this place have a really good system going.” Joy K. from L.A.

Off-Road Quads delivers. They have something very cool. You might have something very cool as well, but you need to have a site that presents that and you need social media that’s not all managed by you that confirms that.

The story with Off Road Quads gets crazier. When you drive up unannounced – there are phone numbers that are on a beat up fence and a run-down locomotive train car. The photo above is the entrance and it makes it look way more innocuous than it really is.

My older son Trey who has dove off the Breaking Away-made famous rock quarries near Bloomington IN turns to me in the middle of the off-road riding and says “I can’t believe they didn’t make us sign a waiver to do this!”

Which had me wondering how a place like this that doesn’t have you sign a liability release stays in business in our sue-happy world. But later, I figured that if the website didn’t scare you away, and if the even scarier business entrance didn’t have you high tail it out of there, nor the scruffy no-frills staff – then whoever makes it pass that gauntlet is not going to be the type who is going to sue someone after crashing a 4-wheeler.  [The day we went it was 108 degrees. I turned to my boys and said, if you’re going to ride 4-wheelers “desert” (air-quotes) – it might as well be hot!]

Your business needs sophistication on the the website because unlike Off-Road Quads what you do is probably not as unique to your industry and your site visitors have other very compelling organizations doing really great things from which to select. And this includes all your auxiliary pages (like ecommerce and checkout pages) that look like you’re staying on your site even though you probably aren’t.

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