Man Overboard | New Sheriff in Town

While at eTapestry I created two consulting packages for dealing with the high turnover rate in the development offices at charities worldwide.   I created one called Man Overboard and another New Sheriff in Town.

In my consulting business I’ve been getting an increase in the number of proposals going out to groups in this very situation and have been telling them that the concepts still hold true.

The average stay in a development position for charities is 24 months.  That’s the definition of a revolving door.

These two consulting packages are to help assist the client with getting up to speed lightening fast when your main database person moves on (i.e., man-overboard) or for when you are a newly hired Development Director showing up (i.e., new sheriff in town) with a not so tiny new system to understand.

With my 13 years of experience with eTapestry now, we can do a super thorough audit of a clients database on my first dive inside. We can tell them who their VIPs are, exactly how their data was being entered, what all types of giving were taking place (direct, designated, online, memorials, in kind, etc.) and the database structure as a whole and which staff person was doing what.  That’s pretty powerful.

We also now offer full onsite training (that Blackbaud does not offer) to get you most effectively up-to-speed.

Contact us if you’ve had someone jump ship – or if you just landed that cool new gig.


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