Hi Mom, Send Money (thru the Cloud)!

This is the time of year when we are thinking a lot about our older kids who are students.  Summer break is upon us for the college kids.  Graduations are coming up for our high school seniors.

I’ve been using PayPal to send money to my boys (now 20 and 18) for several years.  And PayPal has a minor (student) debit card that as they became older very easy for them to use at any place that takes Mastercard.   And it’s not just for kids away at school.  If I pay my kids for chores I can pay them instantly and I don’t carry cash and they don’t have to go to the bank or even an ATM.

I really have no idea why this isn’t as normal as knowing that Google is a search engine.  But I know many of you parents won’t use this advice and it makes no sense to me.





Top 5 cool things about PayPal Student Accounts:

5.  Send your kids money from your smart phone

4.  Get text messages (you determine which) or emails for any or certain account activity your teen is making.

3.  Find out where your kid is at that moment.  (see #4)

2.  It’s a debit card and he can’t charge more than is already in his student account

1.  PayPal Mobile Check Cashing tool – your child can take a smart phone image of a check and some short period later those funds are in the PayPal account.

The cloud is cool.


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