Let’s Get Personal

Personalization is very important.  Even if we have watered down human-to-human contact and even if we are reducing relationships to more surface level than ever, you should still be as personalized as you can be.

Here are some ways for you to continue to do that in our high tech world which you might think is highly impersonal.

My birthday was a month ago and I received a handful of emails and texts from places I donate to and from people like my dentist and this dog.


Now you probably don’t have the new luxury (brand recognition) that Butler has in having a hugely recognizable (so ugly he’s cute) animal which is hard to compete against.  But sending a birthday wish on someone’s birthday can be pretty easy if you have the right tools set up.  This stuff just goes out automatically for Butler and they probably pick a new image each year and the rest takes care of itself.







Our dentist is Dr. Steve Green (Team Green) [who used to play basketball at IU before Bobby Knight).  His practice (well their internal system called SmileReminder) sent me this nice text and a colorful birthday email.

[Hip-factor hint:  You can take a screen shot on your iPhone like the image on the left by hitting the circle button and on/off simultaneously.]


Below is the birthday card their office sent.


Even the NBA sent me a birthday card.  (I deleted mine but this is basically what it looked like.) 





Take it personally.

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