Entrepreneur clubhouses

There are a couple of great collaborative shared-workspace, startup incubators on the north-side of Indy that you should definitely check out if you have great new business idea or are growing a small business.

LaunchFishers and The Speak Easy are two very popular shared-workspaces locally.  For my two startups MissionKonnect and Radcliff & Associates we have members to both locations.  I have used the space to do eTapestry consulting and training at both locations as well.

Speak Easy

LaunchFishers is about $300/year and The Speak Easy is a little more ($500).  I guess for it’s extra cool factor – and maybe it’s the more exclusive of the two. Some report that The Speak Easy is near Meridian Kessler but it’s more “south Broadripple” if anything.  It’s attached to Developer Town.

Speak Easy

The Speak Easy calls itself “essentially a clubhouse for entrepreneurs, designers, and geeks.”  And states that they aren’t exactly an “incubator”.  My partner Tony Ratliff and I are entrepreneurs.  Not geeks.  Tony might be a marketing geek.  But that’s not on the list.



The membership director of LaunchFishers is Kurtis Moss and he describes his incubator as “a place to do business, not a place to grow business.”  They estimate 70% of the members of Launch are in software development.  And even though MissionKonnect is only early stages of developing software, I’m sure that’s the category we’re under.  Hopefully, we’ll see you over there.

Panera Bread, Paradise Cafe, and Starbucks are great meeting places with free wifi but if you’re going to whiteboard ideas out, spread your things out, and make call after call – these shared-workspaces lend themselves much better to accomplish this.

Check This Out
Here is a totally cool 360 degree view of the Speak Easy space.  How does the Google Maps van get inside these places?

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