Hunger Games (Part 1 of 2)

Hunger has been a recurring theme for me recently.  This summer I took 3 of my family back to Haiti where people don’t have water to drink let alone a lot of food to eat.  They have stories of kids collapsing in class at the academy sometimes from lack of nutrition.  In this photo, you can see Franzy who is a boy we sponsor in Haiti.  We served food this day (you can see his plate) and we had a line for a 90 mins to 2 hrs for them to get a hot dog, a few chips, a cookie, and a juice bottle.

Earlier this February, I was visiting Homes of Hope for MissionKonnect and the families they serve in Tijuana and Ensenada (Mexico) have families walking to get clean water in large jugs.

As you may know already, I’m on the board of Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center which serves in an urban poor population (southwest Indy).  Even though kids in the program get 2 meals at school (breakfast and lunch) the number one answer to a survey asking the kids what they need to perform better was “Dinner at night”.

I’m currently consulting & volunteering at Shepherd Community Center (which is about 5 miles literally due east of Mary Rigg)  they posted this week on Facebook that 80% of their families don’t eat 2 meals per day.  This is Indianapolis Indiana!  It’s not a west-side problem.  It’s not an east-side problem.  We have the Grace Care Center (at my church) which may have the most massive food pantry around.  But this means there’s north-side hunger.  And it’s not an inner city problem.

Mary Rigg’s volunteer coordinator Treva Burgess tweeted (ie., Instagram-ed) two days ago that they have fresh milk and “cage-free non-gmo brown eggs” in their refrigerator.  They were ecstatic about the eggs.  Food pantry day at Mary Rigg is every Wed afternoon.  In January, they had 180 families visit their food pantry and Mary Rigg is an “emergency pantry” which means their neighbors are supposed to be getting food from other close-by food pantries and only come to this when it’s more serious.  [Follow @MaryRigg]

I love the great use of social media (above) for spreading the message of the need.  What I have dubbed “social communications for social change”.  [Which includes this blog.]

If your church or workplace is not collecting food, then change it!  When I was briefly at Delivra I connected them to Mary Rigg and my colleagues there brought in food for Holiday Food baskets and made financial donations for Mary Rigg to purchase more food.

There is a large portion of the people on this planet who are hungry.  More than double the entire population of the USA is in extreme poverty – places like Haiti.

It’s not hard to find places to be involved.  Get involved!!




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