Hotspots (iPhone)

Hotspots are not totally new technology, but I’m a huge fan now. iPhones have had “Personal Hotspots” since 2011.  I’ve been using it for about a month and it is pretty fast and super easy to use.  You can toggle the hot-spot on and off on your iPhone very easily.  Apple iOS4.x added the ability to use your iPhone as a wi-fi hotspot and then added this item under Settings later on.

I strongly recommend using hotspot for client meetings, restaurants that don’t have wi-fi, airports.  All the common wi-fi-less locales.  I was doing some eTapestry consulting at a charity this week (Turning Points for Children, Phila. PA) and they practically salivating to connect to my iPhone’s 4-5 bars instead of their rather slow baby-crawling internal wire- less.  It’s always a perfect back-up plan.  I’ve been at two charity events and I’ve gone at least temporarily to the iPhone both times.

AT&T is my carrier and depending on the data plan you already have, you should be able to get it for $25/mo extra.  That’s not cheap but $10/mo per Gig of data seems to be the going rate.

AT&T does allow you to turn the service on and off from month to month which is some freedom that you’ll not always get from cellular carriers.

Check it out!

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