Gmail Inbox & iPhones

Recently for those of you that have Gmail accounts know that there is a new “Promotions” tab in the Gmail inbox redesign where all “mass email” or promotional email will land.  Email marketers (including charities) have some legitimate concerns that their constituents might not see their regular communications if they’re not checking that tab.

And although there are few concerns for you to deal with (with mass email going into Promotions), what I’m finding as I email thru my MissionKonnect business, SO many people are reading on iPhones and iPads (Apple iOS) that the changes Gmail has made are pretty negligible at the moment.

You can see the distribution below of how 45% of the email we sent was read rather heavily to iPhone and then to iPad.  What this also screams loudly again (and it’s not a new song) your email need to be very mobile ready.


Some advice I would give to you is that if you have board members and specific volunteers that you communicate with who have Gmail addresses, I would keep an eye on those and go to the extra effort of making sure they are getting your important communications.  They might not being reading it on their cell phone and may not be aware of this new place where Gmail has directed bulk email.



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