Follow up! Y’all

For all my charity groups that I’ve been advising, this graphic is yet another reminder (1) COMMUNICATE! and (2) FOLLOW UP!!   Yes, I’m shouting.

I had lunch last week with the Pastor of Outreach for our Bloom goes the dynamnite!church and we sent (including my family) around 250 people on mission trips just in 2012.  That’s great and amazing.  Keith told to me that he believes our church does a fantastic job at team leadership training, team training, and on the ground mission work.  But where we lack is in the follow up.

I’m working with 2 mission organizations right now who don’t follow up post-mission trip at all.  Seriously?!

Sure we all get busy improving the processes for the services we deliver and try to focus on delivering that at the highest level.  But we must stay in touch, stay connected.  We need to follow up with donors, volunteers, mission trip participants.  Those people are already invested.  Don’t go looking for the next donation before you’ve catered to the ones who are already giving or have given.

This graphic (right) includes some basic tenets of fundraising that should never be an issue like “Never got thanked for  donating”.  Doh!

My friends at Bloomerang created this graphic and they have a new SaaS fundraising tool focused predominantly on donor retention.

I’m currently building a new tech start-up called MissionKonnect and our focus is entirely on filling these communication and follow up roles for the mission orgs and charities.  Let us send your great stories while you preciously tend to your mission; which you are amazing at.

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