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How many emails does it take to coordinate meeting times?   Is it a nightmare sometimes to try to find the convenient time for when everyone is available?  Sure, those can be rather easy using MS Outlook’s calendar on a corporate network, but coordinating meetings outside of your office can be a such a time drain, true?

Welcome to Doodle.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, you soon will.

Doodle is a cool new tool that you can use to send various date and time choices to an unlimited number of people and Doodle will show you what the most convenient date & time is.

I received my first Doodle to help set up a charity board committee meeting earlier this year.  I was impressed by it and I immediately started using it.  Doodle is your friend.

«If you’re trying to find a convenient time to meet several people try a simple scheduling app like Doodle.»

– The Wall Street Journal 


«Doodle is a pleasantly light, quick-and-dirty scheduler with the most intuitive interface of the four services I reviewed.»

– Mashable

«Doodle is a serviceable, no-frills event scheduling solution that makes it easy to coordinate meet ups. Because of its limitations, it’s not ideal for party planning, but it should suit business users looking to set up meetings.»

– PC Mag


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