Creating Margin

Yesterday I drove through a rather busy intersection on the border of Westfield and Carmel and there was a red brick sitting right in the middle of the road.  A nasty sight.  I’ve had so many flat tires in my life from running over things — maybe I’m a little hyper-sensitive to the situation.

[One story:  About 20 years ago I was driving on I-70 thru Indianapolis during evening rush hour and I ran over a concrete block that was in the middle of the interstate.  At rush hour while I was still wearing a shirt and tie (20 years ago most men wore ties to work!) after destroying the tire by hitting that concrete block at about 50 mph - I pulled over, jacked the car up, laid beside the car as 4 lanes of high speed traffic goes zooming by and changed the tire.]

Yesterday I was running late for a meeting and didn’t stop to move the brick.  Today, I had forgotten about it and drove thru the same intersection and it was still there!!  I turned around, drove back, put the hazards on, and parked my car right on the edge of 146th St.  I jogged about 100 yards back to the intersection and quickly snagged the brick and jogged back.

I was disappointed that 24 hrs had passed and no one had removed that brick.  How busy are you all!?  Not that busy.  I’m serious.

I’ve been saying for years that almost everyone who says “We’ve been really busy!” (which is practically like the same as saying “hello” these days) has created a self-imposed busyness.  Unless you are watching an ill parent, working 2 jobs, or caring for a special needs child, everyone else has burdened themselves with the busyness.

For businesses, as well as, individual, families, and our spiritual lives we need to create much more margin.  Creativity, relationship building, and wise decision-making takes some idle time to really work best.  Create enough space that you can stop the rush and give something your attention without having to plan or budget time for it.

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2 Responses to Creating Margin

  1. Krista says:

    Well said. We must remember to “Be still, and (in order to) know that I am God”. My paraphrase. You are brilliantly gifted.

  2. Scott says:

    I was talking to someone the other day about hiring missionaries, and there was a group who actually avoided sending Americans since they just can’t slow down long enough to build relationships with the people in other countries. I don’t think we realize how “busy” we are compared to everyone else. It’s good to work hard and get things done, but obviously we’re a little unbalanced sometimes.

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