Could you live on $90/week?

Three weeks ago my wife and I were asked to participate in a mission trip to Mexico to build a home for a 3rd world family through Homes of Hope.

Mother and oldest child of family getting the new house.

Homes of Hope gets an amazing 4,000 people per year to build houses for the poor, primarily in Mexico.  Homes of Hope also builds homes in the Dominican Republic and in Haiti (following the earthquake of 2010).

The Bautista family that we built for is a normal family of five.  They live in Granjas Mexico which is on the Baja of California.  The father makes $90/week for them, making and selling pizza on the weekend at a swap meet.

Members of Faith Fellowship (Bremerton WA) — Our amazing teammates.

How would you handle $90 week?  I asked me my younger son who is in high school and busing tables for Red Robin.  He makes more than that working few evenings per week and 2 days on the weekend.

The house we built for them is $7,000.  And they now have one of the nicer homes in the area and the ministry was going to put bars over the window to keep them from being robbed.

The house we built only consisted of a kitchen and a bedroom. We bought normal looking bunk beds (double mattres on bottom) for the 5 of the to sleep on.  After our first day, before we had anything for them to sleep on, the family of 5 slept on the concrete since they were so happy to have the house as it was on day one.

My company MissionKonnect is blessed that Homes of Hope has hired us to do all of their online mission trip registrations, email marketing communications, and run donation appeal and campaigns.  We are grateful to be able to assist Homes of Hope in the ministry work they do every single day.

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