Changing Priorities

Last year around this time my wife and I were in England at a wedding in Bristol which is 90 minute train ride south of London.

This photo is my favorite street sign of all time.  This was taken in Bristol.  It took like 30-45 minutes at the wedding rehearsal for someone to explain this to us and I’ve already forgotten the meaning.  But what I didn’t forget about the trip was that most of the English friends we met there were in a fair amount of awe of the mission work that my family does.

The wedding party was so intrigued that as they bet amongst themselves about how long the best man’s speech was going to be, they decided that half the wagers would go as donations to “Kitty’s charity” as they called it (Nehemiah Vision Ministries-Haiti).  They ended up giving away all the money raised (60 pounds).  [17 mins was the length of the best man's speech, by the way!]

For Europeans it is a bit of a foreign concept.  They were deeply intrigued and very interested in the stories.  That reminds us how secular Europe is which apparently makes going on mission trips a foreign concept to them despite the fact they travel to other nations all of the time over there. Every person I asked had even traveled to America.  They need to consider some changed priorities.

I have a good friend from Czech Republic who went to college in the States and for our first trip to Haiti he asked, “So you’re going to Haiti?  It’s not a vacation?  And they are not paying you?”

As Americans we should be proud, and I think many of us are, by the charitableness, servant focus that we have.  The backdrop to this photo is a huge part of this image.  This Kodak-moment captures entirely where having different priorities are rooted.


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