eTapestry Outlook Integration

Outlook Integration

The eTapestry integration with Microsoft Outlook allows you to automatically add email from Outlook to the journal of your constituent accounts. Before you can take advantage of this integration, you must install a small component on your computer.

You can save all your Outlook based emails straight into eTap.  If you install the Outlook Integration onto your pc or Mac you will get the option to “Send And Save to eTap” button when you are composing email in your normal Outlook.  These emails will automatically create a Journal Contact in your eTap db and match it up by email address.

If you use Gmail for your email communications, but have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer, you can take advantage of the integration and still use your Gmail account to send and receive email through Outlook. For instructions on how to synchronize Outlook with your Gmail account, see Google’s Gmail Help.

 Contact your CRM at eTapestry|Blackbaud to find out if you already get this feature!

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