Beyond the Super Bowl

Later today (as you know) is the most-watched sporting event in America.  Coincidentally, I’m reading a book right now subtitled “Beyond the World Championship”.  This book is called The Jersey Effect and written by former NFL and Colts’ player Hunter Smith.  It’s a very good read.  My two sons bought it for me for Christmas and I had heard good things about it.

Hunter warns in his book that if your life is wrapped up in football and/or achieving a Super Bowl victory, you will ultimately be disappointed.  He preaches on having a lot of perspective and a foundaThe Jersey Effecttion in other more important things (similar to what I wrote in my previous blog).

The Jersey Effect includes letters Hunter wrote to former teammates including Jeff Saturday, Tarik Glenn, the singing tight end Ben Utecht, Coach Tony Dungy, Tony’s best friend Clyde Christiansen (head coach for Colts this year’s playoffs when Bruce Arian was hospitalized), and a few more.   Spoiler alert:  To a man they were all grateful to be blessed by God to be able to play in the NFL and to win a world championship.  But they also mentioned a tinge of emptiness right after achieving that ultimate goal.

I love football and the Super Bowl as much as the next guy.  And I’m looking forward to tonight’s game.  Yet, you’ve heard it a lot and it’s not cliche — “it’s about the journey and not the destination”.  Hunter also talks about the temptations placed at the foot of every person who wears an NFL jersey.

If you’re interested in learning more about this book, Hunter has a website as well called

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