Best Swimming Pool Invention Since the Diving Board

I took up swimming again in 2013.  My weekly sports activities for the last 20 years have primarily consisted of tennis, basketball, and running.  I love trail running too and I increased the frequency of tracking down and tackling trails a lot more the last couple years.  As I get a little older the body loves the softer running surface and, especially now, the water.

At my age everyone is running into plantar fasciitis, IT Band syndrome, pulled calves, ruptured Achilles, torn rotator cuffs, and ACL injuries.  My fellow training mates are falling like flies.

So I’ve taken some of my aerobic workouts to where (there is no air) and the toll on my joints is more forgiving.  You’ve never heard anyone say they blew their knee out swimming, have you?

Audio Flood

The best invention for the swimming pool since the diving board is the underwater iPod.  There are two main manufacturers –

AudioFlood and Underwater Audio

So as weird as this may sound, you might start to look at downloading some business-professional podcasts and take them for a swim.

I purchased mine from AudioFlood because they had great comments on their site, and on  They also have this “single piece” protection system that sounded good to me.

Underwater Audio

Underwater Audio

Whoever holds the patent on this technology is going to become a billionaire in about 1 minute.
I don’t know why all smart-phones, tablets, and laptops aren’t already covered with this stuff.

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