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News came out this week that there’s a *workaround* for the Apple Watch if you have tattoos on your wrist. A workaround. That’s hilarious!

They have discovered after the recent much heralded release that Apple’s new Apple Watch has difficulty reading respiration and heart rate through ink tattoos. We’re definitely driving into a new era of the Internet of things when those “things” are now connecting with human organs.

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Read More… Wrist Tattoos & Apple Watches–The Verge article:My first thought was a decision to not have full sleeve tattoos (or tattoos at all) is never a bad thing. I always ask people who are looking to get a tattoo how long they plan on living and how this will look from ages 60-100. That’s a mere 40 years.

And it sure doesn’t sound healthy if your watch can’t read your respiration/heart rate through the tattoo — and it can otherwise??

The Verge’s article says “If you need another reason to rethink getting that sleeve tattoo, Apple just gave you one…”

My son who is electrical & computer engineer programmer said “I’m surprised they didn’t think about that.”  Like testing for too much ink.  I don’t want to stereo-type, but I said, something like maybe the people who can program the watch to monitor heart rate have been late adopters to sleeve tattoos.

I won’t be a first adopter. I rarely am. I am usually on second wave. (Like I just bought the MS Surface 3. Sounds like they made a lot of improvements. Thank you first adopters!!!).

Since I operate primarily in the fundraising world we need to keep an eye on probably being ready for Apple Pay / Apple Watch transactions at charity events. That’s not going to be tomorrow, but it will happen. I won’t be a first adopter, but I can see myself in the relatively near future as buying things with the smartphone and a smart-watch. I’ve been pretty cashless for a long time and will love these new creations.

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