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From the 211 to 529…

As we make our light-speed approach to 2013, I wanted to remind everyone with kids (grandkids) going (or planning to go) to college – to make your annual 529 deposit before New Year’s.   Many of you are aware of this great investment tool and don’t need my reminder.

How to save for college from the cradle on has been predominantly a mystery in the last decade or so.  That is if you’re looking to qualify for some financial aid.

The one place you must be making annual deposits (which everyone agrees) is your state sponsored 529 accounts.

If you’re not familiar with the 529 plans then you can read all you need to know at Savingforcollege.com.  In Indiana the annual tax credit it 20% on anything you put into the plan up to $5000 deposit.  You can set up an account with as small as $25.  Start now.

If you have an Indiana 529 (College Choice Direct)and still need to make a deposit for 2012, then click here!  And more info to enroll for Indiana’s 529.




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