24 x 7

eTapestry is on 24-7 are you?

Now that I have started a couple businesses and work primarily from my home office – I tell people I’m perpetually always working and I’m perpetually always not working.  That’s not physically possible. But closer to reality than not.

The great thing about SaaS fundraising tools like eTapestry is that they are available at any hour from all around the world. I’ve logged in from London, Haiti, Tijuana, Alaska, even Cleveland (ok, that’s not fair).

Life Balance
Too many people are “tethered” 24-7 and that’s not healthy. I exercise several times per week. It’s not just cliche – with the blood flowing, I work better as the day persists. I also have a lot of energy to exercise mid-day even though I mentally don’t feel as sharp. I’ll hit the trails, the court, the track, the pool, etc. and I’m 100% better. After the workout it’s like running down hill or riding a bike with a lot of air in the tires. Same amount of effort going in, but the creativity and productivity increase. It doesn’t mean you should necessarily work longer each day, just more effectively.

I work during the day, but I also work-out during the day.  Yet, sometimes I work “after hours” and sometimes I work-out “after hours” too.

Social media and email marketing have always been 24-7 tools and continue to even more be “after hours” communication.

As a fundraiser your online donations may not match what you receive in checks (they never do) but you need to have an online donation page (or two, or three) or your prospects will think you are lazy or behind. And your Facebook pages and tweets can keep volunteers and donors up-to-speed at who knows what hour.

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